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  • Bee Farm RAYA is a small family-owned farm

    with two Apiaries located in the lands of the village of Kosharevo, the Municipality of Breznik. We produce small amounts of bee products of excellent quality. Our love for the bees was a love at first sight. It all started with a swarm, which we have captured and put in a hive. Then we reared the bees and hives raised up to 6, then 16, and now we have more than 120 hives and the number is steadily growing. One of our great-grandfathers has been a beekeeper, however the succession was interrupted and we started from zero. Nevertheless, we caught up quickly and we already upgrade.

    We started with the first bee family in 2009, and we managed to build the current Apiaries for 2-3 years. Each of the Apiaries was created after careful study and analysis of the region. The ideal place for every Apiary has a variety of vegetation, water sources and southern exposure.

    Our apiaries Located in clean mountain areas

    Kosharevo West Apiary

    811 meters altitude

    Kosharevo East Apiary

    828 meters altitude
    Who are we?

    We are a young family and we rear bees and produce quality bee products with great love and enthusiasm.


    We do not set grand objectives, because the bees are living beings and not machines. We are always pleased with the results.

    Pure products

    We've selected significantly the more difficult, but purer way of rearing bees, with the methods of bio beekeeping.

    We love our bees

    We constantly take care the bees to have a flowering vegetation, sunshine, water sources and everything required.

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